Nature-Based Smart Solutions

ISO 37101 enabling NBSS

ISO 37101 for Nature-Based Smart Solutions


Two European Commission Horizon 2020 programmes, the Innovation Action project Connecting Nature and SMURBS project funded under the ERA-NET Cofund Action Programme ERA-PLANET, have join forces to bridge nature-based solutions with the concept of smart cities. The work focuses on the use of smart technologies for monitoring the information used to tackle urban resilience, with an emphasis on air quality.


NBS capacity building webinar

Participants at an April 2019 webinar learnt more about an integrated planning approach approach, which is aligned with ISO 37101, to build the capacity of local government to implement nature-based solutions programme.

Urban sustainability at COP24

The side event explored how urban sustainability frameworks, in particular ISO 37101, reinforce the potential and relevance of cultural heritage to drive urban development and climate change mitigation and adaptation using nature-based solutions.

Smart Mature Resilience

ICLEI presented its Smart Mature Resilience programme to the ISO Technical Committee responsible for the ISO 37101 standard.


Role of standards

The European Union Horizon 2020 programme RESIN survey of cities has identified urban infrastructure, adaptation plans and nature-based solutions as areas where cities considered standardised measures to be particularly helpful.

In referrring to standards such as ISO 37101, the survey revealed a need for standardised processes for enhancing urban adaptation and resilience. While some cities have adaptation plans or measures in place, the potential for standardisation bodies to channel their practical experince into standardised processes (by including them in technical specifications or process design, for example), is yet to be exploited.

The report by the coordination network for German environmental NGOs on standardisation points out that the management of biodiversity as required by the ISO 371010 standard's holistic approach to planning and operations, "has rarely been a factor in operational management, even for local authority organisations". This is in spite of communities increasingly being required to take into account the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services as a criterion within the concept of green public procurement when awarding contracts.

The EU HERCULES project reviewed the role of ISO 37101 in supported the implementation of nature-based solutions.