Developers Guide to ISO 37101

An overview of the proposed developers guide to ISO 37101



A working group organised by FIDIC, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, and France's Fédération Nationale des Travaux Publics has arranged for a project developers' guide to the ISO 37101 standard to be proposed to the International Standards Organization (ISO) as a new work item proposal at a meeting in Moscow in December 2018 of ISO Technical Committee 268 that is charged with developing the ISO 37100 series of standards for community and urban sustainability management.

A note prepared before the meeting that describes the the need for an ISO 37101 project guide for use by developers of essentially urban projects, both new build and renovation, is available PDF. The note includes an outline of the proposed guide.

ISO 37101 - USF framework

Urban frameworks that aim to support cities as they progress along the path to sustainability received a major impetus with the publication in 2017 of the ISO 37101 international standard. A more recent addition is the Global Environmental Facility - World Bank Urban Sustainability Framework (USF) guide that was released in February 2018. The USF complements the ISO 37101 framework by separating out those components of action in specific areas which deal with the enabling environment as opposed to performance outcomes. A text describing a common ISO 37101 - USF framework is available PDF and the GPSC website summarises the USF.

The USF supports GEF's Sustainable Cities Integrated Approach Pilot PDF and is seen as a "comprehensive methodology to support cities to adopt an integrated approach to urban planning and management and improve their urban sustainability status over time." The USF was launched at the 2018 World Urban Forum (press release; announcement).

A recent concept paper Integrating a City’s Existing Infrastructure Vulnerabilities and Carbon Footprint for Achieving City-Wide Sustainability and Resilience Goals PDF describes tools that support the USF and USM in general.

The proposed developers guide to ISO 37101 envisages the incorporation of USF concepts, methodologies and tools.